Visit to the doctor only with ticket

Clarence Davis, medical director of Permancence at Lucerne station, shows the ticket system. (Picture: Eveline Beerkircher)

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Dr Noyer PostParc, Berne

With its new ticketing system, the Dr. Noyer PostParc pharmacy has been able to significantly reduce the perceived waiting time of...

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Amavita pharmacies, Switzerland-wide

Thanks to the latest technology in customer flow management and digital signage, Amavita can also offer large...

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Linde Private Clinic, Biel

As a long-standing partner, Kilchenmann was able to implement a future-oriented IPTV system in the new building. The...

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University Hospital_Balgrist-(1)

Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich

Kilchenmann was selected for both the procurement of a digital information and communication tool for patients and...

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Reference picture Dr. Noyer Neuengasse, Bern

Dr. Noyer Neuengasse, Bern

At Dr. Noyer, modern customer flow management ensured an equitable operating sequence and a relaxed...

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