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Unforgettable events with Kilchenmann

As experts in professional event & venue services, we are your reliable partner when it comes to planning, designing and implementing unique events. We accompany you on the way to make your visions come true by bringing innovative technology solutions and creative concepts that are tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you are planning a conference, a product presentation, a corporate event or a livestream, we will be happy to assist you with our first-class service and creative approach. 

Icon virtual & hybrid events
Virtual & hybrid events

Virtual or hybrid events open up new possibilities in event design - with clear advantages such as time and cost savings. We adapt our digitally designed event formats to your individual preferences without sacrificing the success-critical elements of physical events: Inspiring lectures, interactive exhibitions and personal exchange remain integral.

Icon Seminars, Conferences & Congresses
Seminars, Conferences & Congresses
With customized conference technology, you can realize targeted and successful events, such as seminars, congresses or conferences. Our extensive range of rental equipment meets the highest technical requirements and guarantees eavesdropping security. Included are translation systems (simultaneous translation), voting systems, digital microphone units, lecterns, people guidance systems and much more.
Icon General Meeting
General Meetings
Die Generalversammlung ist eine wichtige Plattform für zentrale Unternehmensentscheidungen und Informationsaustausch. Unsere sorgfältig geplanten Versammlungen – unterstützt durch eine moderne Abstimmungsanlage – gewährleisten einen effektiven Ablauf und maximale Ausfallsicherheit, damit Sie Ihre Unternehmensziele professionell vorantreiben können.
Icon Corporate Event
Corporate Events
Customer event, employee party, company anniversary, product launch: Corporate events are far more than mere meetings. They set the stage for emotions, interpersonal connections and shared triumph. From discreet sound reinforcement to impressive laser shows - our experts are your first choice.
Icon Cultural & Sporting Events
Cultural & sporting events
Our range of cultural services includes theater, concerts, film screenings, literary events and art projects. We are also your competent partner for sporting events of all kinds with stage, audiovisual and lighting technology as well as logistics and technical support.
Icon Fairs & Exhibitions
Fairs & Exhibitions
At trade fairs and exhibitions, products, services, innovations and creative works are publicly displayed. We support you in technical aspects such as stand design, lighting, audio-visual and interaction, ensuring effective presentation and communication between exhibitors and visitors.

Our offer

Offer Event & Rental Services
Event & Rental Services

Your vision is our goal: We stand for perfectly coordinated technology solutions and professional event technology. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we implement your unique event with a lot of know-how and even more passion.


Offer Venue Services
Venue Services

Our experts create unique event experiences in your venue. While you provide the location, we take care of the technology and the rest - full service for your venue.


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Event & Rental Services - Your partner for unforgettable events

Experience unforgettable events, designed according to your visions!
Your event deserves to be unique and unforgettable. Therefore, your wishes and visions are our focus. From the initial idea to the follow-up of your event, we not only offer you comprehensive solutions in the areas of audio technology, video technology and more, but also a partnership-based support. Discover how we make your event shine with customized technology solutions and a dedicated team - for moments that will be remembered.



In the consulting phase, a partnership exchange takes place between you and the event team. This is about identifying and understanding the specific requirements and your needs. The team analyzes and accompanies you in your vision, advises you on possible technical solutions and makes recommendations for the optimal implementation of the event.


In the conception phase, we work with you to develop customized event experiences according to your wishes. Here, the requirements are defined, the selection of suitable technologies is made and the event design is conceived. The goal is that together we create an impressive atmosphere that underlines your message and inspires the guests.


During the installation phase, our team ensures a smooth implementation of the concept and actively takes care of the seamless integration of the various technologies. The primary goal is that we transform your event into an unforgettable experience while ensuring that optimal functionality is guaranteed.

Step 4: Operation

During the event, our team takes over the coordination for reliable operation. It is available on site for technical support and continuously monitors the smooth operation to ensure first-class performance and maximum satisfaction of your guests. 

Icon Cite Event Experience
"We have years of experience with Kilchenmann and a super partnership has developed."
Lorenz Scheibli
Director Ecosystems NZZ Connect
Icon Cite Event Experience
"We chose Kilchenmann because we already know them very well and have worked with them many times. The difference between Kilchenmann and other providers is not necessarily the technical (many can do that), but the personal. It's the employees who make for the good relationship."
Marco Somaini
Crealto GmbH, event partner
Icon Cite Event Experience
"I recommend Kilchenmann as a technology partner because I have known them for a long time and know what they can do. The cooperation with Kilchenmann in three words: solution-oriented, professional & friendly".
Fabian Wassmer
Co-Founder Linden Live Learnings Labs
Icon Cite Event Experience
"Kilchenmann is extremely competent, flexible and reliable."
Rolf Bachmann
Chief Sales Officer SC Bern
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Venue Services - as individual as your needs

Benefit from first-class 360-degree venue services with consulting, design, installation, operation, maintenance and support in accordance with service level agreements (SLA). Discover our wide range of solutions, which include event management, audio technology, video technology, stage technology, event services, lighting technology, conference technology, webcasts, tooling and much more.

Thanks to our large partner network, you benefit from a comprehensive full event service. In future, our experienced specialists will make their expertise and innovative concepts available directly at your event location. The project manager will accompany you personally from the planning stage through to implementation and post-event follow-up. You will benefit from our many years of experience and extensive know-how.



During the consulting phase, there is an intensive exchange between you and the Venue Services team. The aim here is for us to identify and understand the specific requirements and your needs. Our team analyzes the venue and advises you on possible services and technical solutions for the optimal implementation of your event. In this way, we create a solid basis for the next steps.


The concept team designs customized event experiences by planning technical and spatial aspects and taking into account your wishes. Services are designed through a service design for your business processes, ensuring event management and service desk connectivity. For external events, IT requirements are clarified and downtime and equipment failures are minimized through optimized service level agreements (SLA). A training concept ensures efficient troubleshooting by on-site technicians, with a focus on smooth operations and an appealing design.


The Venue Services team is introduced to the service processes of the existing infrastructure. In doing so, we are responsible for the accurate implementation of the concept and ensure a smooth integration of the technical components, sensible service packages and tools. Your internal communication plays a crucial role in presenting the solutions for future event handling to the staff. The main goal of this phase is to transform the venue into an impressive technical masterpiece that ensures optimal functionality.


The Venue Services team ensures stable operation of the venue during the event, provides on-site technical support and ensures the smooth running of the event. In accordance with the service level agreement, regular maintenance and continuous training of our experts are provided. In addition, our Rental Service allows for technical upgrades and expansions of the event location at short notice in order to meet special requirements without any problems.

Icon Cite Event Experience
"Our operation runs 365 days a year with different shifts that must always provide quality at both high and lower workloads. This requires a high degree of flexibility from everyone involved. With Kilchenmann, we have found the perfect venue service partner to meet these requirements. Thank you very much!"
Florian Bettschen
Director Casino Bern
Icon Cite Event Experience
"The organization and execution of our events requires precise coordination and efficient collaboration between all partners involved. Kilchenmann has proven to be a reliable partner by providing customized solutions that ensure our events run smoothly and flawlessly."
Jill Henke
Head Site Services Bayer Consumer Care AG
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Why we are your Kilchenmann

Icon 360° solutions
360° Solutions
Icon 24/7 Service
24/7 service
Sustainability icon
Icon from small to large events
from small to large events
Icon Large Partner Network
Large partner network
Icon Switzerland-wide on the road
On the road throughout Switzerland
Icon 90 years experience
90 years of experience
Failsafe icon
Icon Trained professionals
Trained professional staff
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Your contact persons

Stepan Huber
Stephan Huber
Manager Event Technology / Logistics
T 0800 811 550
Paul Eicher
Paul Eicher
Head of Venue Services
T 0800 811 550
Martin Loosli
Martin Loosli
Head of Event Project Management
T 0800 811 550
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Events - our expertise for you

Here you will find helpful documents and videos for planning and organizing your event.

Plan a successful business event in 9 steps
Budget planning for your event
Tips for a virtual event
FAQ on the topic of livestreams
Event technology - the journey of a power cable
Checklist for your General Assembly
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What is the difference between Event Services & Venue Services?

Event & Rental Services: Your vision is our goal - We stand for perfectly coordinated technology solutions and professional event technology. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we implement your unique event with a lot of know-how and even more passion.

Venue Services: Our experts create unique event experiences in your venue. With our service design tailored to your needs, we take the quality of your events to the next level. While you provide the location, we take care of the technology and the rest - full service for your venue.

What is event technology / event engineering?

Event technology / event engineering covers all technical aspects used in the planning, organization and execution of events. This includes a wide range of equipment, systems and services that help events such as concerts, trade shows, conferences, corporate events and other events run smoothly. Event technology plays a critical role in creating an immersive and immersive event experience. It is used by event professionals, engineers and specialists who are responsible for the installation, configuration and operation of technical equipment.

Does the Event Experience Team also provide technical planning support?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support in the technical planning of your event. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you on choosing the right technology and draw up detailed technical plans to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

How early should I discuss my technical requirements with the Event Experience Team?

It is recommended to discuss your technical requirements with us as early as possible. The earlier we understand your needs, the better we can develop customized solutions for your event. It is best to contact us, then we can check availability and the required technology.

What are the technical requirements for a livestream?

For a successful livestream, a stable internet connection with at least 15Mb/s upload for the uplink is crucial. It is advisable to use a bandwidth of 50Mb/s or more and a separate internet connection. Dedicated ports should be enabled on company networks and the option to bundle internet lines and use a 4G router as a backup is also available.

In terms of content, a company logo should be provided as a PNG with a transparent background and a background image for the layout. It is important to specify the format of the presentations and if multiple presentations are provided. If needed, a PowerPoint operator with switcher can be provided for quick adjustments. Information should also be provided on planned filming.

Mixed audio and video signals on XLR or HDMI/SDI are required for the event space, as are even and good lighting for the speakers and digital signals of the presentations in FullHD. An early joint inspection of the venue is recommended.

What training / certification does a pyrotechnician need?

The training concept for pyrotechnic objects is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor fireworks. Indoor training courses, marked "BF", are primarily aimed at people working in theaters or at concerts and last about a week. They cover stage fireworks and special effects, including flame projectors. In the outdoor field, there are two-level training courses, known as FWA and FWB. FWA is a one-day basic course that covers the basics of large fireworks and their electrical ignition. FWB specializes in commercial large fireworks displays and allows the participant to conduct unrestricted fireworks displays.

After passing the exam, the participant receives an ID card to use the fireworks they learned, but it is only valid for five years. After that, a refresher training is required, which brings up to date with the latest technology and legislation and allows an exchange of experience.

Our pyrotechnicians have the certificate for indoor as well as outdoor fireworks.

What does sustainability mean in event technology?

Sustainability in event technology refers to the environmentally friendly and resource-saving design, organization and implementation of events. It is about minimizing the negative impact on the environment and promoting socially responsible action. Sustainable event technology takes into account ecological, social and economic aspects and strives for a holistic and long-term perspective.

  • Energy efficiency: The use of energy-efficient equipment and lighting systems reduces energy consumption during the event. This can be achieved by using LED lighting, energy-efficient amplifiers, motion sensors and intelligent control systems.
  • Renewable energy: The use of renewable energy sources such as solar energy or wind energy can reduce the use of fossil fuels and help to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Waste management: Efficient waste management is important to minimize waste volumes and promote recycling. This includes providing recycling bins, separating waste on site, and working with recycling companies.
  • Material selection: Sustainable event technology emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly materials. For example, recyclable or reusable materials can be used to reduce waste. In addition, low-pollutant materials should be preferred.
  • Transport and logistics: Optimized logistics and transport planning can minimize emissions from the transport of technology and personnel. The use of public transportation or carpooling is encouraged to reduce individual car use.

Sustainability in event technology requires close cooperation between event organizers, venues, service providers and technicians. The aim is to harmonize ecological, social and economic aspects in order to make events more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What training / certification does a laser technician need?

The training for the certificate of competence for laser technicians includes both practical and theoretical basics of laser technology. The specialized course is divided into single and double lessons and includes a theoretical and a practical examination. In terms of content, the course focuses on the installation, application and monitoring of laser technology, health and safety aspects, legal standards and special requirements for laser installations. The training is based on the specifications of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and is conducted in German. Participants learn in a small, personal environment from experienced instructors and benefit from practice-oriented group work. They learn how to correctly assess and minimize risks and how to use the FOPH reporting portal in practice. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to safely install and operate laser technology.

Our laser technicians have successfully completed the training for the certificate of competence for laser technicians.

How has event technology changed in the last 10 years?
  • LED technology: The use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) has become widespread in event technology. LEDs offer high energy efficiency, are long-lasting and enable a wide range of lighting options. They are used for stage lighting, effect lights, LED walls and also for architectural lighting.
  • Advances in audio technology: There have been significant improvements in audio technology, particularly in terms of loudspeaker and amplifier technology. Modern sound reinforcement systems offer higher sound quality, better coverage of the event space and more efficient control of the sound.
  • Video and projection technology: The development of high-performance projectors and LED video walls has revolutionized video and image projection at events. Large and high-resolution screens enable impressive visual effects and razor-sharp images.
  • Advances in wireless technology: Wireless technologies have evolved, especially in the area of microphone and transmission systems. Wireless microphones and wireless communication systems offer more flexibility and freedom of movement for artists, speakers and technicians.
  • Automation and control: Advances in automation technology have simplified the control of lighting, sound and stage elements. Computer-based control systems enable precise programming of light shows, scene changes and special effects.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency: A growing awareness of environmental issues has also influenced event technology. More energy-efficient equipment and lighting systems have been developed to reduce energy consumption. In addition, more environmentally friendly materials are used and recycling measures are promoted.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): Virtual and augmented reality technologies have made their way into event technology. They enable immersive experiences for visitors by displaying virtual worlds and augmented information in real time.

These developments have helped to expand the creative design of events and make the technical aspect even more impressive. Event technology is expected to continue to evolve rapidly as new innovations and technologies enter the market.

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