State-of-the-art audiovisual technology for Zurich Insurance Group Ltd

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 01 June 2023

1220x910_Zurich3Zurich Insurance Group, headquartered in Zurich, is a leading multi-line insurer serving individuals and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories.

As part of the renovation and expansion of the historic buildings on the premises of the Zurich Insurance Group, Kilchenmann was commissioned with the execution and implementation planning of the audiovisual technology concept of various rooms. The company used a wide variety of features to meet the requirements of the respective rooms. 

The historic buildings on the Quai Zurich Campus were completely renovated and extended by a large, modern connecting building. Among other things, the concept called for the installation of modern audiovisual technology that had to meet various requirements: it had to blend into the image of the rooms, offer a high standard and be user-friendly as well as partially mobile. Various lots were awarded for the implementation of the audiovisual technology, whereby the The execution planning and implementation of the auditorium, boardroom, lake view meeting, VC room, foyer and forum was assigned to Kilchenmann.


An all-round modern auditorium

In the auditorium, Kilchenmann erected a 10.4x2.7 meter LED wall that now acts as an eye-catcher in the room. In addition, the company installed a 16-channel wireless microphone system with automatic interference detection and frequency change, which ensures optimal and high quality voice transmission. Dual speaker arrays, PTZ cameras were also permanently installed in the auditorium. Further, five motorized trusses with spotlights now provide optimal lighting, which can be adjusted according to the desired needs.

The auditorium can be customized, for example as a web or TV studio. Thanks to all the technical features, the auditorium is now thoroughly suitable for high-quality webcasts and team broadcasts. Of course, it can also be used for panel discussions as well as conventional auditorium operations. What's practical is that all events can be broadcast to other rooms such as the Lake View Meeting, the Boardroom or to the digital signage display in the foyer.

The control rooms were equipped with sound, video and lighting mixing consoles as well as a large AV matrix. The main control room has space for about six people, namely sound technicians, video technicians, PowerPoint operators and lighting technicians. In the technical rooms there are five fully equipped 19-inch racks with AV technology.


Boardroom with conference system

In the boardroom, a 4.2x2 meter LED wall was realized together with array speakers and PTZ camers behind a wooden wall paneling. In the ceiling above the table were installed mseveral array microphones and loudspeakers were integrated. Each seat is equipped with a conference system, which has a screen as well as a microphone. A voice lift function ensures that all those present in the room are acoustically well heard. The complete conference system can be operated and controlled from the fully equipped control room.


Lake View Meeting: one room for different occasions

In this meetingIn this meeting room with a view of the lake, a six-meter-wide and almost two-meter-high LED wall was erected. It was enclosed by a wooden cube on which line array loudspeakers and two speaker tracking cameras were installed almost invisibly. During a video conference, the camera blinds are automatically opened and a PTZ camera is lowered from the ceiling. Array microphones were also installed in the ceiling and behind fabric screens in the wooden cube. To support the speakers, speakers' monitors were also installed. speakers' monitors were installed and the lectern, which was made by a media furniture specialist, was equipped with transmission technology. Last but not least, a wireless presentation system, table sockets for power and USB connections and an AV-over-IP transmitter were installed throughout the room - all features that are part of Kilchenmann's standard equipment.

To ensure that the installed technology can also be operated optimally during supervised events, a fully equipped, mobile control room workstation was set up. From here, the cameras can be controlled by the operators, the content can be projected onto the LED wall and the speakers' monitors, and the sound can be optimally mixed and played out. The Lake View meeting room can be customized by adjusting and moving tables, chairs and speakers' monitors according to the type of use. At Quai Zurich Campus, this room is used for seminars, meetings, video conferences and events, including catering.

VC room: With PTZ camera to the perfect meeting

In the VC room, two 98-inch displays were embedded in the wall and a speaker-tracking video conference camera was installed in the center, which can be folded out if required. In addition, a PTZ camera was installed in the back of the room to capture the speakers and put them in the right frame. In this room, too, several array microphoneswere installed in the ceiling and table sockets were used for power and USB connections. A mobile control room was also set up so that the installed technology can be optimally controlled from one place. From here, the operators can control the cameras, feed content to the LED wall and the speakers' monitors, and play out the sound.

Foyer entrance hall and forum

In the foyer in the entrance hall, two 3x1.7 meter LED walls and a 98-inch display attract visitors' attention and provide them with valuable content such as news, information about the campus or interesting facts about Zurich Insurance Group. In the four digital signage displays were installed in the connecting wing. Here, too, the content is prepared and played out by the customer himself. A news ticker and important information, e.g. on current events, offer passing visitors great added value.



Kilchenmann: Event technology from the best source

Do you also need our expertise in the installation of state-of-the-art event technology in your premises? Then contact us for a no-obligation meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you! 

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