Visualisation technology: Two Olympic champions make the halfpipe glow

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 01 April 2021

Two Olympic champions light up the halfpipe

In the winter sports region of Grindelwald-First, two Olympic champions met at the summit - and Kilchenmann was there!

The two Olympic snowboarding champions Iouri Podladtchikov and Gian Simmen teamed up for an extraordinary project: The 100-metre-long and five-and-a-half-metre-high halfpipe was illuminated with impressive projections after dark while the two snowboarders performed their spectacular tricks.

Gian Simmen and Iouri Podladtchikov have literally reached the Olympus in their sporting careers: The two exceptional Swiss athletes have both won gold at the Olympic Games in snowboarding (halfpipe) - Gian Simmen in Nagano (1998), Iouri Podladtchikov in Sochi (2014). But even beyond their sporting successes, the two Olympic snowboarding champions have many things in common. They still love snowboarding and are still up for new challenges. If these are related to their passion, snowboarding, all the better. Already six years ago, the two realised their first heartfelt project on First: Together with numerous young talents, they opened the halfpipe on Bärgelegg. Six years after the opening, the two have returned to the Grindelwald-First Snowpark to realise another unique project.

Spectacular tricks under changing light conditions

The halfpipe was illuminated with moving projections after dark, so that the spectacular jumps of Gian Simmen and Iouri Podladtchikov in front of the majestic Eiger north face became an impressive spectacle. As darkness fell, the two not only had to concentrate on their spectacular tricks, but also cope with the ever-changing light conditions. All in the spirit of the Grindelwald-First - Top of Adventure destination.

The two halfpipe pros visibly enjoyed the unique ambience and motivated each other to top performances. The result is an extraordinary video that blurs the four elements and the line between dream and reality.

Visualisation concept with partnership

Kilchenmann AG, the Jungfrau Railways' technical partner, was responsible for the realisation of the unique visualisation concept with projection, lighting and pyrotechnics in the half-pipe. The result is a real masterpiece that bears witness to the craftsmanship of all those involved: "The illumination of a half-pipe is an enormous challenge, as the moving projections are not projected onto a straight surface but into a curve," says Jann Schoch, Kilchenmann AG's technical project manager, describing the challenge.

The know-how of the Bernese communications technology company, which is now internationally active, was therefore in demand. The combination of two surfaces with the rounding was put together live on site with innovative software, which guaranteed a unique image experience. However, despite the software, the idea was not as easy to implement as the final product now suggests: "The climatic conditions with the cold of the night setting in as well as the logistical challenges due to the location of the halfpipe made the event a showcase project for us," Jann Schoch looks back on the event.

Grindelwald-First / Bern-Kehrsatz, 31 March 2021

For further information:
- Christoph Hubacher, Head of Marketing & Communications Kilchenmann AG, Tel. +41 76 314 66 28
- Kathrin Naegeli, Head of Corporate Communications Jungfrau Railways, Tel. +41 33 828 72 00

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Two Olympic champions light up the halfpipe
Two Olympic champions light up the halfpipe


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