Hybrid teaching with video and sound technology

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, October 23, 2020


Kilchenmann offers you easy-to-use technical solutions for combining distance learning and face-to-face teaching.

Solutions for schools

Schools are open and are organizing lessons for their pupils in this extraordinary situation. In addition to implementing hygiene and distancing rules, teachers are also faced with the challenge of reorganizing lessons. A technical implementation with participants on site and also participants via online teaching results in a new starting position.

How does the teacher manage to get the participants in the classroom and the students at home equally enthusiastic about the subject matter? How can lessons be made lively and interactive even though the participants are in different locations? How can lecturers be relieved so that they do not have to work on additional assignments for pupils or students who, for example, are in quarantine at home or belong to the risk group?

Hybrid teaching only works if the technology works. If the teacher's sound can be heard clearly and distinctly and the remote participants get a visual impression of what is happening in the room. This is all the more important when face-to-face as well as online participants are taking part in the lesson.

For this situation, we have put together a solution for you that is quick to implement, easy to use and cost-efficient. The system consists of three components:

  • A 360° camera shows the entire classroom with its panoramic image. In addition, the camera automatically highlights the people in the room who are currently speaking. This means that remote participants know exactly what is happening - as if they were there.

    The integrated microphone and loudspeaker allow remote participants to hear the voices of those in attendance and to be heard in the room with their questions. The teacher can also mute these functions at the touch of a button if required.

  • A very easy-to-use image switcher that allows the teacher to transmit a document camera, a blackboard camera or the content from a fixed PC in addition to the 360° camera. In addition to image switching, multiple display (picture-in-picture) is also possible, so that the teacher or the presentation slides can be seen in addition to the document camera. A handy LCD monitor always shows you what is being shown, making operation extremely simple.

  • High-quality sound transmission from the teacher to the students at home is particularly important. We have a range of wireless microphone solutions to suit every budget.

The setup is compatible with common platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex and is simply connected to the teacher's laptop via USB.

We have already successfully implemented the solution for the Bern University of Applied Sciences. 

We will be happy to give you detailed and clear advice with a live demonstration of the technology at your premises or ours - naturally in compliance with hygiene and distancing rules.

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