Modern Work: Interview with Bronson Gale, Specialist at Mobiliar

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 05 April 2022

Modern Work Equipment Meeting Room

Mobiliar also relies on Modern Work and has equipped 80 meeting rooms with conference systems in this context. We spoke to Bronson Gale, technical specialist at Mobiliar, to find out more about the project and the collaboration with Kilchenmann.


In which area was Kilchenmann able to support Mobiliar?
We have equipped 80 small to medium-sized meeting rooms with conference systems at the management locations in Bern, Zurich and Nyon. This allows you to book the room for a meeting and then dial in with a click. Kilchenmann dismantled our old system for this and undertook the entire renovation of the meeting rooms, i.e. cabling, installation and commissioning of the systems. In addition, we took advantage of Premier Support during the first year. This means that Kilchenmann supplied us with a replacement device within 24 hours in the event of a problem and also made a ticket directly with the manufacturer. That was very helpful.


What challenges and needs should the project address?
Due to the lockdown during the pandemic, many employees moved to home offices. The requirements for a video conferencing system have increased considerably as a result. At Mobiliar, we wanted to enable uncomplicated and at the same time perfectly functioning hybrid working, both from home and in the office. That's why we were looking for a system that is very easy to operate - so that everyone can take part in a meeting as easily as possible.


Can you tell us something about the reasons why you chose Kilchenmann?
The decisive factor for our decision was the overall package. On the one hand, Kilchenmann had the hardware and, on the other hand, brought a great deal of expertise in the area of conference systems. The company took over both the project management and the actual rollout of the 80 meeting rooms, and thus did the necessary cabling on site with different installations on walls or the TV.


In which steps and in which timeline was the project implemented?
In autumn 2020, we made the decision to procure a new system. After we decided to work with Kilchenmann, things moved very quickly. In February and March 2021, the rollout was carried out within two and a half weeks. Kilchenmann ordered the hardware in advance and only brought it to us for the installation, which we really appreciated for space reasons. At the beginning of the rollout, Kilchenmann set up two rooms together with us and thus took our ideas into account. Afterwards, however, the company independently installed all systems in the 80 meeting rooms and handed them over to us at the end.


Of course, what interests us most: what advantages do you enjoy with the new solution?
With the new system, a call in the meeting room can be booked from anywhere. When you enter the room, you find a panel with the Join button. With a single click, you connect to the meeting - and audio and video work flawlessly. The system is also a blessing from an IT perspective: there is only one cable, which makes operation much more stable and avoids many errors - as well as the unwanted tangle of cables. The system is an ideal solution for our operation.


What did you particularly appreciate about the collaboration with Kilchenmann?
In addition to the rapid implementation, we were very grateful for the good communication during the rollout. If something didn't work, the Kilchenmann staff approached us immediately and we were able to solve the problem quickly together. At the same time, they always responded to our wishes. They also supported us fully as support partners - even when it came to giving feedback to the provider, for example in the case of hardware problems. So we are very satisfied with the course of the project and the uncomplicated cooperation with Kilchenmann.


A suitable solution with Kilchenmann

Do you also want a smoothly functioning solution that enables efficient work? We would be happy to look at what options are available for your company. Contact us, we look forward to working with you!


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Modern Work Furniture Poly Meeting Room
Modern Work Furniture Poly Meeting Room

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