Live events - finally they are back!

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 29 September 2021

Live events - finally they are back! BallyHouse Schönenwerd

How we missed them, the concerts, poetry slams and football matches in the stadium. We also missed business conferences, customer events and team events.

The long Corona break has shown us one thing: live events enrich our lives. We are delighted that they are slowly becoming possible again - even if they are still subject to restrictions. We are confident that these will soon be a thing of the past. But what exactly is the magic of a live event? And what do we need to pay attention to now? What is often forgotten and yet so important? We asked a few professionals and are happy to infect you with the healthy event fever in this blog post.

"A physical event has a completely different spirit than a digital one," says Ernst Ryf, project manager for business events at BallyHouse. This is specifically due to the emotions, because these cannot be experienced and lived on screen in the same way as at a live event. Meeting people physically, experiencing the atmosphere on site, meeting each other - an online event can't replace that. All professionals agree on that.

Dave Naef from Bierhübeli puts it this way: "Humans live from interactions. These work much better in a live format and correspond to our natural code of conduct." Whenever we meet people, we observe them and read them between the lines. We can do that badly via the screen. Whether people are wringing their hands, beaming or contorting their faces, we don't see all that at a virtual event.

So we experience an immediate reaction at the live event. If half the hall falls asleep during a presentation, the speaker is probably not a hit. But if there is a standing ovation at the end, it is. The advantage of live events is expressed by Dave Naef as follows: "We take the guest on a special journey to anchor our message.

Should we all go back to live events?

Now that we've managed without live events for so long, some are asking themselves whether we should go back to them at all now that we're allowed to. "The question should be different: What is the right concept for the event?" is how Dave Naef sums it up.

Digital events also have advantages, such as their reach and geographical independence. Most companies have invested a lot in technology since the Covid 19 crisis and are able to implement digital events professionally. Dave Naef is therefore convinced that hybrid events - half digital, half live - will win the race. Of course, this is a new challenge for the planners, but it will certainly pay off in the long run.


What makes a successful business event?

The Corona crisis has given rise to new forms of business events. The question now is, however, what type of event promises particular success at this point in time. "At the moment it is crucial to offer flexible formats and to be able to respond quickly to changing needs," explains Tom Winter, CEO of Bern Expo AG. Ernst Ryf from the BallyHouse adds: "At the moment it is important that we give the guests a safe feeling with the security measures in place and that they feel comfortable among people even after the long period of social distancing."

But even though everyone is currently looking forward to taking part in events again, people don't just come to drink cüplis and chat. The guests want to have a benefit. They want to take something with them that they would not otherwise get and, for example, hear an interesting presentation or experience a product innovation. In other words, they want to take away an experience outside their everyday life and immerse themselves in an exciting atmosphere.

Daniel Schmid, event manager and event planner from Frachtraum Thun, explains: "For us, it is important to be able to empathise with a company so that we can plan and organise an event in such a way that it fits the company. We ask ourselves: Which people work there, what is the strategy, what are the values of the company - and how can we harmonise that with our philosophy. So as an event organiser, we can't get stuck and we have to keep an open mind."

What are the success factors for a business event?

Certain things are often neglected at business events, although they can be decisive for success. Tom Winter knows from experience how important it is "that people have space and time - in other words, small oases for themselves to make a quick phone call, answer an important email or have an undisturbed conversation".

For Daniel Schmid from Frachtraum Thun, it is a no-go "if you feel strange or bored at the event". For Daniel Schmid, it is therefore particularly important "that we can give people the necessary looseness with our programme, that they feel relaxed and that they stay longer because they have fun". Here, the staff has an important function. They should take over the hosting, pick up the people and introduce them to the event.

What do the guests particularly value?

In order to plan a good business event, it is important to know what the guests expect. Tom Winter, CEO of Bern Expo AG, sums it up: "Guests value a relaxed, unagitated get-together among like-minded people as well as experiencing emotions in safety". He also tells us about what he considers a successful event: "I attended the event of an IT company that took place outside in nature and where there were local products to eat and drink. The IT company dared to step out of the information overload to experience informal moments in nature with like-minded people," Tom Winter tells us. His personal recommendation for successful live events is: "Sometimes less is just incredibly much more."

Seizing the momentum

The joy and desire to take part in live events is very high for everyone right now. A momentum that will eventually subside again. Our recommendation to you: Use the moment for your unique live event. We will help you and show you in our guide how to plan and implement a successful business event in 9 steps. You can easily download the PDF here.

Download the document here

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