Laser show technology: Fascinating light art in new splendor

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 19 September 2023

1220x910_Lasertechnik2Lasershow technology: Fascinating light art in new splendor

The world of laser show technology has evolved far beyond the dance floors of discotheques and the stages of concerts. Today it is an indispensable element of corporate events, multimedia shows, trade fairs and presentations. Find out what's behind the breathtaking laser shows and why they are so popular.


The heart of the laser show: show lasers and their magic

In the past it was the pulsating heart of discotheques, today it enchants on the big stages of events - the show laser. Specially developed for events, this technical marvel conjures up laser light in its most fascinating form. Through rapid movements of mirrors, the show laser directs precise laser beams in different directions. This creates complex patterns, images and animations that captivate and visually enthrall the audience.


Versatile applications and their magical effects

The popularity of laser technology is no coincidence - its versatile applications give events a very special touch. Graphic shows project impressive images and graphics onto screens or walls, while beam shows send laser beams through the room, made visible by artificial fog. These fascinating effects create a visual production that appeals to the senses and creates unforgettable experiences. Another invaluable advantage: laser shows are ecologically sustainable. Compared to conventional light shows, they consume less electricity and leave no waste such as confetti or pyrotechnics.


Safety first: measures and protection in laser shows

Amidst the captivating magic of a laser show, safety is paramount. A specially trained laser safety officer meticulously monitors compliance with all safety measures to protect both the audience and the staff from potential risks. Through special training courses, specialists acquire their certificate of competence or expertise in accordance with the guidelines of the V-NISSG to ensure the responsible handling of lasers.

In a world full of technological innovations, laser show technology has found a firm place. It adds a unique and fascinating dimension to events that makes eyes wonder and hearts dance.


Kilchenmann AG: Your partner for unforgettable laser shows

Looking for the perfect way to make your next event unforgettable? At Kilchenmann AG, we are proud to introduce our newest service: impressive laser shows that will transform your event into a breathtaking spectacle.

Our expertise in the world of laser technology allows us to create customized laser shows that will bring your message to life and wow your guests. Whether you are planning a corporate event, trade show, product launch or concert, our laser shows will engage the senses of your audience and create an unforgettable experience.

We understand the importance of safety and professionalism when performing laser shows. Our experienced professionals ensure that each show is performed in strict compliance with safety guidelines. Your safety and that of your guests is our top priority.

Contact us today and let's discuss how we can enhance your event with our mesmerizing laser technology. Get ready for a spectacle that will be remembered for a long time - with Kilchenmann AG.

From consulting to conception to production, the Kilchenmann team is your professional, experienced and competent partner.


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Laser show technology: Fascinating light art in new splendor
Laser show technology: Fascinating light art in new splendor

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