Cantonal Council St. Gallen Session

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 20 May 2020

Reference image Cantonal Council Special Session St. Gallen

Due to the current situation, the Cantonal Council of St. Gallen had to switch to an alternative location, namely the Olma Exhibition Hall 2.1.

Kilchenmann Event- und Rental Service was commissioned to set up 131 microphone units including a voting system as a temporary solution for two sessions. 

The following was important:
- Simple operation from the President's notebook
- Each speaker has his own microphone on the table
- The microphone units have integrated buttons for the votes
- The presentation of each individual vote can be followed live on the existing projection
- The entire discussion system can be integrated into the existing sound system
- Each individual speaker can register in the speaker list and the President has the overall view
and control of the registered speakers (request list). Optionally, this list can also be displayed on the public

Kilchenmann AG was able to implement these and other requirements together with trade fair partners and the Parliamentary Services of St. Gallen, and the May session has already been held successfully.

For the further processing of the past session days, automated printouts of the voting results are available to the parliamentary service as well as the minutes - detailed down to each individual vote. At the end of the day, a printout as well as data in digital form (raw data) of all business and votes can be exported (in Word and XML format).

As the public did not have access to the sessions, the importance of a live stream also gained in importance. Kilchenmann AG was responsible for supplying the audio signals as well as the voting results.

This May session is called the "Aufräumsession" in St. Gallen because all unfinished business is closed. Thanks to the high-performance and intuitive operation, many votes can be decided and recorded immediately. Another session will take place in June in the same premises.

Live recording:

Reference image Cantonal Council Special Session St. Gallen
Reference image Cantonal Council Special Session St. Gallen

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