Digital signage - this is how signage is done today

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 17 February 2023

Digital Signage - Display for Menuolan

Digital signage - by far not everyone knows this term, although they come into contact with it every day.

Because wherever something printed used to hang, but today there is a display, we are dealing with digital signage. From advertising in railway stations to timetables in universities to internal information for employees in companies: The possible applications are diverse and virtually limitless. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that every person in Switzerland comes into contact with digital signage at least once a day. Kilchenmann has already been able to implement many exciting projects in this area. In the following, we explain to you the numerous advantages that digital displays bring with them and illustrate their versatile area of application.

Relevant, well-timed content

For companies, this type of digital communication offers not only sustainable aspects but also numerous business advantages. First and foremost, content can be changed at short notice - in contrast to the printed form. The display can be programmed in advance and happens automatically at the right time. Digital signage is also an eye-catcher, i.e. it attracts attention, which increases the chance that information will reach the relevant target persons. Furthermore, it is possible to analyse the target group through cameras in the screen and thus to play out coordinated, relevant content. In public places - such as a railway station - the content displayed can be continuously adapted. During commuting hours, different information is displayed than in the late morning, when pensioners or families with children walk by.

Simple internal and external communication

Digital signage projects are often about communicating relevant information. On the one hand, this is done internally, for example in large production companies, where employees usually do not have their own workstation with a PC. Here, for example, screens with touch displays are used in the production halls so that employees can inform themselves about the latest news or the menu in the cafeteria. If possible, the information is retrieved directly from existing solutions via interfaces and always updated automatically - so that it is always up to date. On the other hand, digital signage is used for external communication, among others in educational institutions as well as in the health and mobility sector. While schools and universities display daily updated information on events and rooms in corridors or entrance halls, medical practices broadcast relevant information of all kinds in the waiting room. In train stations or bus stops, on the other hand, current timetables or advertisements are displayed, for example.

Combined technologies

Another application example that combines different technologies is digital door signs of meeting rooms that show the current availability of the rooms. Connections with access or locking systems are also possible. Together with the comprehensive possibilities in the area of navigation assistance, the visitor experience is thus significantly enhanced.

Tailor-made? No problem!

Since digital signage has such a wide range of applications, Kilchenmann always offers tailor-made solutions. Together with our customers, we work out their needs and wishes in workshops and plan the projects carefully. We find out where the displays will be hung and what size is suitable. During implementation, we offer the installation, configuration and programming of all necessary components in the background so that the solution can be easily operated via web interface and the correct content is displayed. In addition, we operate our own cloud services where the content of our customers is securely stored and we carry out regular updates and maintenance. If desired, we create the design of the screening content according to a company's CI/CD or prepare certain contributions completely. In training sessions, we then explain to the users of the system how everything works and provide a manual for future use.

Not to forget: services!

Even after the installation of digital signage systems, we want to be there for our customers. That's why we offer various services, for example the maintenance of the technical devices or the proactive monitoring of the displays. Should these ever fail, we replace them within a specified response time. In addition, we keep an eye on the software on request and guarantee smooth functioning at all times. If our customers have any questions or doubts, they can reach us at any time on our service hotline.

Our offer in the area of digital signage is more than diverse - and we look forward to working with you to develop the optimal solution for your company. Feel free to contact us and arrange a consultation appointment.

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Would you like to learn more about an implemented digital signage project? Then read the interview with Marius Gehrig from the Office for Information Technology and Organisation of the Canton of Bern. He tells how Kilchenmann supported him in the implementation of a digital signage solution in the entrance area of the office.

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