APG|SGA - Rail ePanels SBB stations Zurich and Ticino

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 15 January 2021


APG|SGA Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG - Expansion of the "Rail ePanel" network in Zurich and Ticino.

As the technical integration partner for digital advertising media of APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, we were able to implement ePanel display pillars in further SBB stations throughout Switzerland in a second phase in the past six months. In the stations Basel SBB, Aarau and Biel-Bienne, which have already been digitised, the digital furnishings were renewed and supplemented by numerous additional, exposed locations.

With exclusive new "Rail ePanel" in the urban railway stations of Zurich Altstetten and Zurich Enge as well as Locarno and Bellinzona, four new locations for digital out-of-home media were realised.

Expansion of the offer in Zurich
Five new digital surfaces are installed at premium locations in Enge station. They reach travellers and commuters as well as pupils of the nearby Enge cantonal school. The station, which is significant in terms of urban development, has been completely digitised. The three new Rail ePanels at Zurich Altstetten station are located in the middle of the modernised and triple-widened station subway in an optimal advertising environment. Several residential and office buildings have been constructed around the station area, and other large-scale construction projects (e.g. the multifunctional Swiss Life Arena for sports and events) are currently being implemented.

Comprehensive coverage in Ticino
The "Rail ePanel" network now covers three important cities in Ticino. The stations of Locarno and Bellinzona were equipped with a total of 6 additional Rail ePanels. This optimally complements the existing 4 ePanels in Lugano station. 


Ongoing expansion of the digital advertising network

In cooperation with APG|SGA, Switzerland's leading provider of outdoor advertising, Kilchenmann was once again able to implement 184 additional new Rail ePanels in 15 stations as coordinator and integrator in the ongoing expansion project since 2019. In total, these are 361 Rail ePanels since the digitisation of the advertising pillars in Swiss stations began. Further digital extensions in Swiss stations and cities are in the planning stage.

The completely monitored indoor and outdoor ePanels in high-resolution Full-HD quality have a picture size between 70″ and 100″ and are partly in-house developments by Kilchenmann AG.

To the APG|SGA media release of 5 January 2021 

APG|SGA Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG Rail-ePanel Bellinzona
APG|SGA Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG Rail-ePanel Zurich

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