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Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 18 December 2020


Appreciation, courage, transparency, trust and authenticity are at the heart of Kilchenmann's corporate culture. We cultivate collegiality and live an uncomplicated "you culture" at eye level. With a modern workplace infrastructure, we offer a pleasant, cooperative and team-oriented working environment. In short: Kilchenmann men and women are a hit - and we are looking for skilled workers!

If you ask Kilchenmann employees what they particularly like about their employer Kilchenmann, you will get a variety of answers. There is talk of freedom and advantages, generous authority to act, a good team with great employees, varied projects, exciting customers and a dynamic, innovative and progressive company in an exciting environment. This is not by chance, because Kilchenmann as an employer has written values such as appreciation, fairness, respect and team spirit on its banner. This is underlined by the uncomplicated "you culture" and cooperation at eye level.


Are you wondering what it's like to work at Kilchenmann? We have put together a few facts for you:


Education and training

Customers expect professional solutions from Kilchenmann. The company can also offer these - thanks to its broad-based specialist staff. Kilchenmann therefore focuses particularly on the development, support and promotion of its employees on and off the job.


Family and career

Our 42-hour week is based on an annual working time model, which offers our employees a high degree of flexibility. In order to create an ideal balance between family, leisure time and work, we also support part-time work within the scope of operational possibilities. If necessary, our employees also have the option of applying for unpaid leave.



The mental and physical health of our employees is very important to us. Once a month, we provide fresh, seasonal fruit and offer free drinks throughout the year. At our headquarters in Kehrsatz, we have two showers for sports activities during the lunch break and offer discounts at the "Let's Go Fitness" fitness centre, which is located directly in the adjacent building. At regular intervals, there is also the possibility to get a professional massage during working hours. An important element of our health work is the free offer of anonymous telephone or online counselling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through ICAS. The offer is very comprehensive and covers topics such as stress, conflicts and other difficulties at work, but also legal issues, relationship problems, separations or neighbourhood disputes.


Employee events

Employee cohesion and team spirit are very important to us! Every year we organise various events such as Christmas dinners, New Year's aperitifs, company events, family events, floorball tournaments, motorbike tours, badminton tournaments and much more. Fun and teambuilding guaranteed!


And much more

From flexible working hours and, depending on the function, the possibility of a home office, to financial participation in the company's success in successful business years, to half-fare cards, smartphones and company cars (depending on the function), we have a lot up our sleeve that is extremely exciting for our employees. Of course, we offer fair salaries in line with the market, compensate on-call and standby duty and - depending on the area of responsibility - pay monthly flat-rate expenses for representation tasks and contribute to mobile costs.


Now it's your turn

We are modern, fully committed to digitalisation both in our offering and in our internal processes, offer super-exciting jobs of the future and are built on a healthy and sustainable foundation. To put it bluntly: the business is booming! We are currently looking for numerous skilled workers - especially project managers and multimedia electronics technicians, but also for other professions. Take a look at our vacancies - maybe there's something for you? We look forward to getting to know you!





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