ISE 2024: Exciting highlights from Barcelona

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, February 06, 2024

ISE 2024: Exciting highlights from Barcelona

Integrated Systems Europe ISE has established itself as the most important trade fair for the system integration industry. From January 30 to February 2, 2024, thousands of visitors flocked to the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, including Kilchenmann employees, who were able to get a first-hand impression of the event and the technical highlights.



Tony Ng our Product Manager, reports

I spent the last few days at ISE in Barcelona with some of my colleagues to discover the latest trends on the market. And this year, as in the last two years, our expectations were exceeded. The trade fair in Barcelona is proudly celebrating its 20th anniversary and attracted more than 70,000 visitors from various countries over four days to experience the latest innovations in digital signage and proAV.

As Product Manager for Collaboration Solutions, it was particularly exciting for me to be right in the middle of the action. In addition to numerous appointments with manufacturers, suppliers and partners, I had interesting and varied discussions. We rounded off the successful day with various networking events and an aperitif.

Of course, I don't want to miss the opportunity to introduce you to the exciting news from the collaboration sector.



News from Logitech

Logitech once again presented itself with an impressive stand in a prime location at the trade fair. From the home office to the spacious meeting room, visitors were able to test numerous innovative workplace solutions.


Sustainability is a top priority at Logitech and I can confirm this with a clear conscience. The Swiss computer accessories manufacturer focuses on environmentally friendly innovations by using recycled plastics from electronic products in B2B products. This reduces the need for new plastics and promotes the circular economy.


The Ghost project, a video booth with a life-size display, is particularly impressive. Thanks to the clever use of half-mirrors and a display, the image of the person you are talking to is shown in its original size in the closed Ghost booth. The high video quality and acoustics, combined with a comfortable seat, ensure a pleasant conversation atmosphere. The booth built by Steelcase will be available from the end of June 2024 and is compatible with common video conferencing programs such as Teams or Zoom

01_Logitech_03 01_Logitech_04


Another highlight is the animated room configurator, which was demonstrated live. Using a mouse and keyboard, you can navigate through various office concepts and configure video conferencing solutions for the respective room size. The playful design is reminiscent of a console game and promises a promising future for interior design.



News from HP/Poly

At the HP/Poly stand, I immediately noticed an impressive highlight that is not only stylish but also extremely functional. The two-in-one TC10 touch panel impresses with its simple and slim design. The intuitive operation enables effortless room planning and control of meetings. The multicolored LED lights provide immediate information about room occupancy. The white or black housing provides a seamless aesthetic for room planning - a real eye-catcher in modern offices.


HP/Poly proudly presents the Sound Reflection Reduction function, which uses the NoiseBlockAI option to minimize distracting reflections from surrounding factors such as tables and glass walls. We tested the option in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the trade fair and were impressed despite the noisy environment. This feature is available for popular HP/Poly video solutions and ensures crystal clear audio in hybrid meetings.01_Poly_02

The collaboration with Google brings Chromebox support for Google Meet and the option of dual displays. HP/Poly is a pioneer in the field of hybrid meetings with Google Meet.

In collaboration with Zoom Rooms, HP/Poly presents the "Intelligent Director". This feature makes it possible to Participants in a conference room at close range, regardless of their position. Specially developed for medium-sized to large rooms, the "Intelligent Director" ensures that all participants*inside enjoy the same visibility and audibility. The software intelligently focuses on each face, tracks movements and ensures that everyone is optimally present on the screen. Three Studio E70s in conjunction with an HP Zoom Room PC make this feature possible.01_Poly_03With these innovative solutions, HP/Poly sets new standards for conference rooms and shows that technology can not only be functional, but also aesthetic.


News from Cisco

Who says technology has to be boring? Cisco proves the opposite and sets new standards in the meeting room with MS Teams-certified devices.

The Cisco stand was definitely a hotspot and for good reason. It was here that I saw the Room Kit EQX live for the first time and was impressed. This video conferencing system combines style and functionality at the highest level. With its elongated soundbar and sleek design, it adds a sophisticated look to any meeting room. Thanks to the integrated quad camera and EQ codec, the Room Kit EQX is ideal for medium-sized and large workspaces. And best of all, the intelligent integration allows the use of two external displays between 65 and 75 inches - to suit your personal taste.

Cisco relies on multi-camera functionality and the "Cinematic Mode" is the key to this. By integrating two additional PTZ cameras, speakers are shown from the optimum viewing angle. The Room Kit EQX is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also MS Teams certified to take meetings to the next level.


ISE 2024 was the place where Cisco and Samsung presented their latest solutions for meeting rooms. The integrated video collaboration solutions of the Cisco Room Series offer an exclusive content layout for Microsoft Teams Rooms with Front Row. either with the newly presented 105-inch smart signage from Samsung (model name: QPD-5K) with an impressive 21:9 aspect ratio and 5K resolution or with the 4K smart signage screens from Samsung - according to personal preference.01_Cisco_02


News from Yealink

In the fast-moving world of technology, the manufacturer from Xiamen has struck again - with new products that not only expand the range, but also show that innovation and style can go hand in hand.

Yealink is known for its broad product range and impressive product launches. This time the new S40 All-in-One video bar catches the eye, which at first glance resembles the UVC40. But appearances are deceptive - with two lenses of the same size, the S40 sets new standards. Merging the images from both lenses results in a higher pixel density and impressively clear image quality. With a voice pick-up range of 6 meters and integrated stereo loudspeakers, the S40 is ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms. In combination with the MCore Pro mini PC and the MTouch E2 touch panel, the MVC S40 bundle forms a complete Microsoft Teams Rooms solution under Windows. During our demonstration in the meeting room, we were particularly impressed by the smooth tracking function - this is where technology becomes an experience!     

01_Yealink_01 01_Yealink_02

Yealink has not only worked on the image, but also on the sound. The new SkySound CM20 ceiling microphone not only impresses visually with its 83 mm flat design. With 16 omnidirectional units, it delivers professional audio quality. Thanks to AI Dynamic Noise Reduction and AI Reverberation Suppression, the CM20 automatically adapts to the room conditions and thus ensures effective noise and echo suppression. The DSP-integrated solution offers plug-and-play functionality with Yealink MVC systems without the need for an additional DSP device.


The new SkySound CS10 ceiling speaker combines active speaker functionality with integrated DAC and PoE technology. The result: easy installation and minimal latency. The CS10 is available as a Dante-enabled and standard version and can be seamlessly integrated into demanding audio networks.01_Yealink_04

These exciting new products are expected to be available for the Swiss market from the end of March 2024 and are expected to be certified from the start of MS Teams.


News from Huddly

In contrast to other manufacturers, Huddly surprised visitors with a room in Hall 8 instead of a conventional stand. With an exclusive demo in the stylish room, customers and partners were taken into the world of the Huddly crew. I had the privilege of being there. The focus was on the Huddly Crew, which was presented for the first time last year. This year it has been significantly improved once again.


At last year's ISE, Huddly showed that the crew is setting new standards. With three 6K network cameras, it creates an immersive view and a close connection between the participants. The "Huddly Director" controls the system in Conversation Mode, performs intelligent real-time editing and switches seamlessly between different shots and viewing angles - for an engaging and effective meeting experience.

Huddly presents the new Speaker Mode, which identifies the main speaker and ensures that the cameras remain focused on this person throughout the meeting. In the event of interjections, the system switches to an overview recording, with the person speaking remaining in the picture. If necessary, the system switches seamlessly to a new main speaker. Ideal for structured meetings with a clear focus.


Another piece of good news: Huddly Crew is now MS Teams certified. Three Huddly L1 cameras are already compatible, and more L1 cameras will be added in the course of the year.


News from Neat

Neat - as the name suggests, their products embody simplicity and a flawless setup. Despite a manageable portfolio of just seven products, they cover what feels like 80% of customer needs - quality over quantity is Neat's motto.

Neat appliances not only impress with their high-quality feel, but also with their sophisticated design. Particularly noteworthy is the Neat Center, which already caused a sensation last year. At this year's trade fair, Neat offered a live demonstration of this product. The 360-degree camera, as an addition to the existing Neat devices, enables virtual participants to follow the conversations better. Equipped with a 16-microphone array, the Neat Center also acts as an extension microphone and enables clear voice transmission. Installation is extremely simple - a plug-in network and power cable are all that is needed.

Whether free-standing, mounted on a table or suspended from the ceiling, the companion camera offers maximum flexibility. 01_Neat_01 01_Neat_02

Another highlight at the stand was the presentation of Neat Pulse. This management tool enables all applications to run on Neat devices and offers full control over their deployment. The full-service offering also includes support and extended warranty coverage.


News from Jabra

In contrast to other manufacturers, Jabra stands out with its flagship model Panacast 50. This all-in-one solution for meeting rooms has three high-resolution camera lenses that provide a 180-degree all-round view. I sat at the demo stand practically right next to the wall on which the Panacast 50 was installed and had a clear, distortion-free image. This is a neat solution for participants who are close to the screen in small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

Jabra has also recently added its own touch panel to its portfolio. The Panacast Control Panel is characterized by a simple and user-friendly design, which I particularly like. Thanks to various sensors in the system, it recognizes when someone enters the room or monitors the air quality to create optimal conditions for meetings.

Whether in MS Teams mode on Windows or Android or in Zoom Rooms mode - the complete solution offers customers maximum flexibility and is certified for both ecosystems.


Personal conclusion

My visit to ISE was a complete success! Despite the hectic schedule and the many appointments, I enjoyed talking to lots of people. I also did something for my health and walked over 23,000 steps every day. That's a real boost for your health. Of course, comfortable shoes were an absolute must-have :)

The weather in Barcelona was also perfect, so I was able to use the days after the trade fair to explore the city before heading back home.

Whether you are a customer, AV integrator or simply a technology enthusiast, ISE offers something for everyone and is definitely worth a visit.

Would you like to find out more? We look forward to showing you these devices in a demo. Contact us for a consultation.

01_ISE_03 01_Logitech_01

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