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Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 15 April 2021

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The new Poly Studio P-Series is here. It offers video solutions for the home office in the highest quality. 

Poly's entire audio and video expertise flowed into the development of the new devices.

The result is simple, flexible and professional communication devices. They convince with advanced audio technology, the best audio and video technology especially for the personal workspace and thus support hybrid working no matter where one works from. Poly is now closing the gap between office equipment and home office equipment. The Studio P series includes the Poly Studio P5 webcam, the Poly Studio P15 video bar and the Poly Studio P21 display.

Poly Studio P5


The Poly Studio P5 is a webcam for those who value high-quality video. The webcam has optimised camera optics and delivers images with a resolution of 1080 pixels and a 4x digital zoom. In addition, the Studio P5 has an integrated privacy screen, a directional microphone and integrated USB connectivity for headsets. It convinces with brilliant colours and a crystal-clear image. The design resembles noble and robust concrete. It thus upgrades the personal workplace both technically and visually.

Poly Studio P15


The Studio P15 personal video bar is also new. It offers everything it takes to look and sound your best during video calls. The small video bar combines exceptional looks and a powerful 4K image sensor in one elegant device. The camera frame adjusts automatically and ensures that the user is always seen. So you are no longer tied to the office chair in front of the screen but can move freely. In addition, a powerful speaker and microphone array delivers rich and clear audio quality, while the proven NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology filter out and suppress distracting noise.

Poly Studio P21


Finally, the new Poly Studio P21 display. It offers everything needed for a first-class video experience. It is very easy to put the unit into operation. With a single USB connection, the display is ready for use. It doesn't matter which video conferencing platform is used to start an online meeting or to make a phone call, it works with all common apps. The brilliant 21-inch display and a built-in HD camera, hi-fi speakers, a microphone and adjustable ambient lighting speak for themselves and ensure that everyone looks and sounds good.


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