Video conferencing in the home office - tips & tricks

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 07 February 2023

Video conferencing in the home office - tips & tricks

So that the connection works! We provide some tips & tricks to ensure that your video conference at home works without interruptions. 


And here still in text form:


  • Use headphones (Echo!)
  • Stop uploads, downloads and synchronisations (Cloud, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Turn off all gadgets, apps, ets (on mobile)
  • Test your equipment / Set everything up early

Start call

  • Set goals & an agenda
  • Lead through the meeting
  • Stay on schedule

For more than 5 participants

  • Address people by name
  • Those who do not speak mute their microphone (panting, ambient noise, etc.).
  • Feedback in alphabetical order


If only you are affected

  • Check downloads/uploads
  • Connection check (WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • Headphone Battery Check
  • Switch off video, participate only by audio (bandwidth)
  • Close unnecessary browser windows
  • Open chat & share problem

When all are affected

  • Turn off video
  • "Switch off "Split screen

End call

  • Define next steps
  • Determine responsible persons
  • Define follow-up appointment


Good luck in the home office and stay healthy!


LinkedIn & Xing: @Christine Dubach

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