The Logitech Sight: Hybrid Conferencing Redefined

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 11 September 2023

Logitech Sight meeting room: hybrid conferencing redefined

Discover Logitech Sight, the companion tabletop camera that is revolutionizing the way we participate in hybrid meetings. Kilchenmann AG offers you the opportunity to test this innovative product and take your meetings to the next level.


The magic of the AI-controlled camera

The Logitech Sight brings the latest technology to your conference rooms. Through its AI-driven functionality, it allows remote participants to feel like they're sitting right at the table. The camera doesn't just stay focused on faces, but tries to find the optimal perspective for an inclusive experience.


Two points of view, one better perspective

The real innovation with the Logitech Sight is the ability to pair it with a video bar at the front of the room, like the Rally Bar. This provides a consistent front view of face-to-face interactions and facilitates communication between those in the room and remote participants. This gives you a fully synchronized, collaborative meeting experience.


Flexibility and compatibility

The Logitech Sight is designed to integrate easily with leading video conferencing platforms. With a 315° field of view and 4K cameras, it is suitable for medium to large rooms and offers maximum flexibility.


Clear sound, clear picture, clear controls

With 7 beamforming microphones, audio quality is as impressive as video quality. Status indicators and cover panels provide clear signaling and easy status control. That means you're always in the know about what's happening in your meeting.


Test the Logitech Sight with Kilchenmann AG

As a partner of Logitech, we at Kilchenmann AG already have the product in our range. We are excited about the possibilities that this technology offers and would like to share this enthusiasm with you. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to test the Logitech Sight in your own business environment.

Interested? Then don't hesitate and contact us to get the Logitech Sight for testing purposes. Increase the efficiency and interactivity of your meetings with this revolutionary camera. Contact us now!


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The Logitech Sight: Hybrid Conferencing Redefined
The Logitech Sight: Hybrid Conferencing Redefined

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