Video conferencing with the Poly Studio E70

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 03 November 2021


The new Poly Studio E70 is here - a cleverly designed camera for smart hybrid meetings!

Video camera for large conference rooms

The Poly E70 was specially developed for large conference rooms. The camera offers crystal-clear and realistic video recordings for rooms up to six metres deep. Speaker tracking and group framing allow every person in the room to be captured in detail and lifelike. The system does not reach its limits even with a large number of participants. Which is why it is perfect for hybrid meetings.


Video technology with artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the camera provides automatic transitions, framing and tracking in real time so that everyone feels like they are in the same room. The speed with which the camera switches between the people speaking is impressive. Without any noticeable time delay, the Poly E70 focuses on the person currently speaking. Particularly in large conference rooms, people who are further away are often displayed with a long delay or in less than satisfactory video quality. With the Poly E70, this is a thing of the past. Because without you noticing, the video conference camera switches between wide-angle and telephoto lens and delivers crystal-clear and detailed videos of all participants in the room in a fraction of a second.


Security and privacy through lens cover 

The Poly Studio E70 has an electronic lens cover. This ensures privacy within fractions of a second. The integrated electronic lens cover reliably prevents unwanted views.


High production value

Precise speaker tracking and professional quality group framing with Poly directorai.
Poly DirectorAI technology delivers an unparalleled video experience. Two lenses with 20-megapixel 4K sensors are supported by Poly directorAI technology to create an unprecedented video experience - perfect for hybrid work environments.

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