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Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 30 October 2019

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Kilchenmann is awarded the contract for the next four years - multimedia systems for the Swiss Armed Forces; from chalkboards to visualisers and film projectors to video walls in command rooms.

In an exciting report in armafolio - the magazine of armasuisse, the change in technology is highlighted. Today's multimedia technology is increasingly merging with information technology - which presents us with new challenges. Learn more about this interesting topic.

Link to the report: armafolio 2019/01 Federal Office of Armament (armasuisse)


Kilchenmann AG - technology partner of the Armed Forces
Since 2013, Kilchenmann AG has been responsible for the planning and integration of multimedia equipment for the Armed Forces on all military training areas and other army installations throughout Switzerland. The mandate covers all areas of project management, from the site inspection and needs assessment, to the technical planning and conception of the installations, to their handover and acceptance by the users.

The "MMA" team of Kilchenmann AG has worked on and successfully implemented almost 1000 sub-projects in the past almost seven years. Thanks to a renewed framework contract, Kilchenmann will also be able to accompany armasuisse in multimedia projects for the next four years, with an option for a further three years.

Latest news on the subject: " DDPS procures multimedia equipment for around CHF 50 million".

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