The start of a new ClickShare era!

Kilchenmann Kilchenmann, 02 June 2021

ClickShare Present Series

With the new "ClickShare Present" series, Barco expands its portfolio with the famous ClickShare ease of use, improved performance and new features.

ClickShare Present C-5 and C-10 are slimmer versions of the previous CSE series. The focus is on better signal transmission performance, improved network integration, a slimmer design and various other features:

- Premium video performance
- 4K output resolution
- advanced collaboration options (room display streaming, touch, etc.) and much more.

Whether plug & play with the ClickShare Button (PC or Mac), or workflow integration with the ClickShare App (laptop, mobile phone or tablet) as well as BYOD capability (Airplay, GoogleCast and Miracast): with a simple click, you or your guests get content on the screen. No cables, no software to download, no training required.

ClickShare C-5

ClickShare C-5 brings simple, wireless collaboration to small meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

- Full BYOD support (Button, ClickShare Apps, Airplay, ChromeCast, Miracast
- Seamless content sharing
- Enhanced security
- 4K resolution
- Connected and cloud managed
- Collaboration with Collaboration App

ClickShare C-10

ClickShare C-10 brings one-click hybrid collaboration to medium and large meeting rooms. The C-10 allows two people to share content on the room display simultaneously, from any device with full BYOD support.

- Full BYOD support
- Seamless content sharing Full interactivity with touchback, blackboarding
- Enhanced security
- Connected and cloud managed
- Collaborate with the ClickShare Button or Desktop App
- One button included


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